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Thanks for the Review

Many thanks to Cheryl Malandrinos for her review of Transformed by Love on her ‘Cheryl’s Christian Book Connection‘ blog. And … no … she didn’t know I was going to link to it, as I’ve only just got around to thinking about posting my first blog.

I’ve also only just recently got around to posting my first review of someone else’s book, Sue Curran’s ‘Define Your Destiny Through Prayer.’ I don’t intend to get into the cycle of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’: but being now in the position of an unknown first-time author has really made me appreciate the value of a good review.

I didn’t publish ‘Transformed by Love’ with the aim of making a living by it: but rather because God had blessed me with a message that I wanted to share as freely as possible. It was this that really forced me down the self-publishing route. But figuring out how best to do this has been more of a minefield than I (and I guess most other ‘newbie’ authors) had imagined.

Without a big-budget launch programme, a newbie is almost totally reliant on either aggressive self-promotion or reviews and personal recommendation. I had known I would be, of course: but I hadn’t realised how difficult it would be to get those reviews. My fault – I only needed to consider my own failures in this regard to realise how it was likely to be. Even Jesus, after healing ten guys of leprosy, only had one of them come back and say ‘Thanks.’

So, to anyone who does take the trouble to record your appreciation, whether of my work or someone else’s, let me say a big, ‘Thank you.’ It means so much to us and makes our work worthwhile.

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